Point to Point Connection

As an international partner, you may wish to use international connectivity to connect offices from anywhere in the world to Mauritius.

Through its presence in Mauritius, France and England, DCL is able to provide international bandwidth through undersea Fibre cable on SAFE or LION/EASSY.

Many of our customers are already enjoying this service for their Call Centers BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) service.

We have been offering telecommunication services in Mauritius and in foreign countries for the past 10 years.

With the experience of our full-fledged engineers and management team, we can proudly say that we are prepared and ready to challenge any telecommunication requirements be it for our local or international partners.

International Bandwidth can be built and configured as per individual requirements whether by undersea fibre optics cable or by Satellite.

Another service, which will be made available, soon is the BOD(Bandwidth on Demand) through the Satellite capacity. 

Users buy capacity, pay a minimal monthly fee. They pay for usage on Satellite only when required.

Our monthly rates

Capacity on a 1:1 basis Selling Price
512 kbps Rs.29,785
1 Mbps Rs.53,935
2 Mbps Rs.97,635
Bandwidth of over 2 Mbps available for companies with higher requirements.

Specific packages are available for Call Centres, BPO, ISP and ILD operators, feel free to contact us!

Specific terms and conditions apply

All prices inclusive of VAT

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