Conference Room

A Conference Room is another facility, which is brought to you by Alice. The concept of a conference room is similar to that of a virtual meeting whereby users have the liberty of participating to the conference while being anywhere in the world.

Once a conference room is booked on line, members are invited to join in through their email address on the set date and time. 

They will be provided with a number to call in and a pin number to get access to the Conference Room with all confidentiality and security in a very cost effective manner.  Depending upon frequency of use, international members to a conference could be provided with a local number mapping in their country of residence in order to bring down cost of communications.
Cost of Service

A user may purchase a Conference Room for permanent use on a monthly basis or book one on an ad-hoc basic. The monthly fee for a Conference Room with arrangement for International Calls can be made upon application. Conference Room can also be booked on an ad-hoc basis at a once off fee with charges per minute. Payment for the service could be on a postpaid basis upon management approval or through our prepaid service.


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