Easicall is the brand name for International Telephony (Voice) in service since the market liberalisation in the year 2003-2004.

The public has adopted Easicall as a strong brand due to its promise of quality, reliability and availability. DCL has put the entire necessary infrastructure in place to guarantee the service whether in Mauritius or around the world. 

Since its introduction in Mauritius, Easicall lived up to its slogan, which is “Your International Long Distance Call Partner”. 

The official launch of ALICE in the year 2012 brings a new dimension to Easicall service by making mobility a reality to all smartphone users.
This service has proved itself for qualityreliability and competitiveness on the market.

Users can subscribe to the service either by prepaid cards or through postpaid accounts.

For postpaid accounts, an application form needs to be filled in and subject to approval; users are allowed to make international calls, which they can pay on a monthly usage basis. Users are encouraged to submit a direct debit form to facilitate their monthly payment.

Prepaid Cards are available in over 600 (six hundred) outlets throughout the island or can buy credit directly from our website. Cards or credits can be purchased to replenish an account in only a few simple steps.

For more information, please refer to the Easicall website.
With the evolution of Smartphones and the availability of Internet Access nearly everywhere, 
Easicall application on yourmobile device becomes an important tool in your hands. 

Easicall application is available on all known Smartphones whether Apple's iOS or Android,

This makes the application also compatible with various tablets. 
What are the advantages of using the Easicall VoIP applications?
  • Users who have installed Easicall VoIP applications on their smartphone would be able to call between themselves for FREE if they have Internet Access.
  • Users who travel either on vacation or on businesswould be able to use their Easicall VoIP to make international calls at the rate they would have paid locally, thus avoiding the expensive roaming charges. 
    For example, someone in UK with an Easicall VoIP application would be able to call a local number inMauritius at a rate of Rs3.75 per minute and call someone in China at only Rs2.70 per minute.
  • You can use your Easicall VoIP application to sendSMSChat, etc while avoiding the huge charges of normal SMS.
How to get Easicall VoIP applications?
  • Easicall VoIP is an application which users candownload directly from our website. Depending upon their smartphone, appropriate application will be installed for IPhone IOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and BlackBerry.
  • Once the application installed, users will receive theiraccess code for their application through our customer service.
  • Users will need to buy credit or have a postpaid account to be able to make calls outside the network.
  • Prepaid cards are available throughout the network of resellers around the island.
  • Application form for postpaid account is available for download but is subject to approval with sufficient payment guarantee.

Head to our itunes and Google Play store to download our VoIP application

DID (Direct International Dialing) numbers is another service brought to you by ALICE.

International numbers in different countries are available for purchase either on an ad-hoc basis for short usage or for regular monthly renewable basis.

Numbers are available (please consult list of countries) at Euro 15 per number.

Depending upon requirement and usage, we will map any of these numbers to a specific service of your choice: 
  • fixed number,
  • number on a PaBX
  • mobile
Besides the DID numbers, a minimal charge of Rs1 per minute is applicable for mapping onto other numbers locally.

Mapping on an international number is also possible but rate will have to be discussed and agreed. For such requirements, you are encouraged to send a mail to info@dcl.mu with a brief description of your requirement and we will happily send you a quote.

To subscribe to this service a user has the option to prepay or enter into a postpaid agreement with us.

For our international rates or to download our Easicall application, click here